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More Business. Less Selling!

The Referral Builder Program was specifically designed to address the most common business development question posed by professionals:

“How can we land new clients when we don’t have time for prospecting or the desire to endure the indignity of cold calling?”

The answer is not more sales training, it’s not advertising, it’s not more networking events!

Rather, the answer is to help professionals do more of what they enjoy the most- - - collect warm, qualified referrals from clients and their client’s professional advisors. We teach participants the most successful methods for consistently generating new business referrals in the shortest possible time. Many are recording referral results in just 7- 10 days following our kickoff workshop.

The Referral Builder Program solves the client development conundrum by combining the world’s best practices for referral building with workshops and optional private coaching sessions that result in a customized plan of action. These plans work quickly because each one is customized around the unique skills, style, available time and comfort level of each participant. The program workbook includes our proprietary referral building system as well as templates, scripts, case studies and menus of proven tactics that can be quickly incorporated into each participant’s custom Referral Builder Plan.

Once plans are developed using our templates, the participant can work with one of our Referral Builder Program coaches. Plans, goals and accountabilities are established and each participant will immediately begin to record their monthly referral building results using our proprietary, online accountability tool -- The Referral Compass.

The Compass keeps each participant focused on executing the highest-leverage referral building activities in their plan. As results are obtained, they are recorded onto the Compass to track one’s progress.

The result of this referral training and accountability process is More Business with Less Selling.


This program is unlike any other, because at it’s foundation is the understanding that professionals have no spare time for prospecting and they generally feel that selling is distasteful, yet they are still responsible for developing new clients. We identified a burning need for a system that produced more business, but with less selling. We embarked on nearly a decade of research to uncover the techniques of the world’s most successful client development rainmakers. We were determined to find a way to help professionals develop new clients without the indignity of cold calling and the awkward exchanges inherent in networking mixers.

What we found is that there are certain immutable laws that govern the success of all client development initiatives. We assembled our findings into the world’s most comprehensive and effective system for consistently developing warm, qualified business referrals.

Program Overview:

Developing your Market Position:
One of the most important aspects of successful referral building is often the most neglected: Positioning. What is your competitive advantage? What kind of problems do you solve? Why should someone meet with you? What do you and your company offer that’s unique from all others in the market? Exactly what do you do? We encourage professionals to analyze and adjust their current message, ultimately creating a message that is compelling and effectively differentiated from all others competing in the same market.

Assessing Current Network:
Prior to developing a comprehensive referral building strategy, it’s important to understand one’s current resources and network. Participants critically assess and rank 100% of all contacts, clients and referral sources to determine where they should spend their time for maximum referral results. Any identified gaps in one’s referral network will be filled using our templates and ‘quick launch’ idea starters. Plans will be developed to increase the number of Referral Advocates, to improve the results of the Referral Benchwarmers and to eliminate the Referral Wannabes.

Improving Referral Results:
Given the importance and value of warm, qualified referrals, it’s vital that one takes a strategic approach to identify, develop, nurture, and sustain their referral relationships. We coach participants on ways to focus their limited resources on those activities that are proven to be the most effective at leveraging referral results with the least amount of time.

Case Studies/Best Practices:
We have interviewed and coached hundreds of the world’s leading business rainmakers. This real world experience and extensive research has led to key insights and immutable referral building laws. These laws are applied by our participants to dramatically accelerate their referral results in the least amount of time. These proven techniques are working for professionals in all industries. Further, the program examines several case studies, and for larger groups, the best practices of their own company may also be studied.

Customized Referral Builder Plan:
The program works not only because of our continuing inclusion of new ideas, case studies and world's leading best practices, but also because we can stay involved with each participant to ensure that they are achieving actual referral results. Our involvement includes workshops, phone follow-up, email follow-up and private coaching sessions, including our proprietary “30 Day Referral Building Action Plan.” We assist each participant with developing and executing a referral building approach that’s unique to their style, personality, comfort level, available time and experience.

Additional Resources:
The Referral Builder Program provides a number of bonus materials that will assist participants in their efforts to quickly convert referrals into new clients. Scripts are provided to help participants quickly engage in conversations that might have previously been viewed as awkward or intimidating. Effective tips on networking and referral building are explored as well as our proprietary templates and checklists (the Inner-Circle Backgrounder, Circle the Wagons, Low Hanging Fruit, Program Quick Start, Client Retention Checklist, Referral Resume).

Following The Referral Builder Workshop, we expect participants to dramatically alter the way they interface with referral sources and clients. We provide a number of exercises and assignments to reinforce program concepts and strategies. These assignments are designed to help participants maintain momentum and to have an opportunistic, referral building mindset. These assignments will solidify relationships with existing clients, with referral sources and with prospects. Further, each participant will be energized and focused on the referral building activities that they have selected as the most appropriate for their unique situation and the way they prefer to do business.

Coaching and Follow-up:
Each participant is encouraged to continue with a Referral Builder Program coach who works privately with the participant to ensure that they are executing on their personal referral building plan…and getting results. The follow-up is initiated through an online Referral Compass that tracks the monthly effort and results of each participant’s personal referral building plan.

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