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Our Training Process

We offer what many believe to be the world’s most effective client development system and training program for Bankers, CPAs, Attorneys, Mortgage Brokers and other professionals in real estate, insurance and investments.

The Referral Builder Program offers a level of detail, personal customization, private coaching and monthly accountability that is unmatched by any one or any company in the world. There is no substitute; there is no direct competitor.

This is NOT a sales training program.

It’s NOT a networking program.

It has nothing to do with paying anyone a fee for a referral.

Referral Building is a separate and distinct business development activity that’s on the most direct, critical path toward quickly generating new clients. The Referral Builder Program is the most cost effective and productive method available anywhere, to consistently generate new business without the indignity of cold calling, networking mixers or paying referral fees.

We’ve trained hundreds of business professionals. In talking with the managers of these executives, they’ve told us that they prefer our long-term follow up and accountability process over one-day motivational seminars. The seminars are fine for a temporary motivational kick-start, but our clients are telling us that they are now being held accountable to show an ROI for every training dollar.

When we are brought into a client organization, the results of our worldwide research and benchmarking studies are revealed in The Referral Builder Program. This program spans a period from 3 to 12 months and one or more workshops, templates, case studies, scripts, workbook exercises, accountability tools and private coaching sessions.

Pre-course material:
Every participant in the program will be asked to complete a number of exercises designed to assess the level of satisfaction with their existing clients. Our Client Retention Checklist will be utilized by all participants in order to minimize or prevent customer attrition.

Kickoff Workshop:
Our coaches introduce the program materials in a workshop environment. The program workbook is introduced and outlines a detailed system for maximizing professional relationships. Participants leave the initial workshop with a clear plan of action- -starting first with handling any existing client retention issues that were uncovered in our proprietary Client Retention Checklist. Course assignments are provided in writing along with a Quick Start action plan and the program’s Low Hanging Fruit checklist. Participants routinely tell us that these program handouts have helped them generate new business referrals just 7-10 days following the kickoff workshop. Many of these referrals have come from formerly "dormant" referral sources.

Follow-up Sessions:
Every month following the initial program kickoff, we offer the participants TeleTraining review sessions to provide additional instruction on various elements of the program. Questions are answered, results are reviewed and next steps are established.

Personal Referral Coach (**Optional**):
Some Program options also include private, face-to-face coaching session. Coaches are available at any time for questions, advice or support. But coaches are also the key to accountability for execution and getting results. Through emails, telephone conversations or face-to-face meetings, our coaches are committed to the individual success of each program participant. If a participant is not experiencing quick results, they will be contacted by their Referral Builder Program coach to offer advice and see what can be done to improve results.

Accountability Compass:
Our proprietary technology tracks individual progress to ensure that each participant is consistently executing on their chosen plan of action. We are the only company that offers this particular online accountability tool, called “The Referral Compass.” We built it specifically to help participants improve their referral results.

Individual referral building plans and objectives are set for each participant; no two plans are ever alike because they are always based on the personal style, comfort level, available time and experience of each participant. Our coaches monitor and track participant progress through our online accountability system, the Referral Compass. For large groups from the same company, the Compass also provides managers access to the overall results of the program, as well as the individual contribution of each participant.

Holding People Accountable:
We hold people accountable to the commitments that they set for themselves. We have the advantage of not being restricted by managerial relationships and therefore can have much more direct conversations about performance. If a participant is falling behind, we develop a 30-day action plan to help them get back on track. We help, counsel and advise in every way, but ultimately, participants must do the work. Holding people accountable is the only way that we can influence the results that our clients pay us to produce. The Referral Builder Program is not about “best efforts”; it’s about business results.

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