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"The goals of The Referral Builder Program have been included into the annual performance scorecards of every one of our 100+ relationship managers throughout the state of California; if they want to bonus, they’ll need to follow this program. That’s how strongly management supports The Referral Builder Program!"

"As for my group in San Francisco, here are the measurable, tangible results in terms of new business referral activity that has taken place in the first six months following the kickoff of The Referral Builder Program: 28 new business opportunities were generated from 60 new referral source calls. For comparison purposes, we had only generated 38 referral source calls in the prior 12 months.

The Referral Builder Program helped to increase our referral source calling activity by 315% in the first six months following the kickoff workshop. These are real, tangible numbers that we have tracked."

"We've always known that referrals are the best source of business, but we don't always focus on them. The Referral Builder Program has really helped my team and my Region enhance existing referral relationships and make then more productive, fruitful and valuable by increasing our focus. We now have a referral building awareness that just wasn't there before. The program has given us a specific process to improve referral results (more warm referrals, more qualified referrals, less cold calling!).

The Referral Builder Program helped our Relationship Managers improve the quality and quantity of their referrals by teaching them a way to nurture referral sources so that they are "top of mind and top of the list" when an opportunity arises. The Program gave us a system for initiating and maintaining quality referral sources that produce measurable new business results we can see and track."

"I highly recommend The Referral Builder Program given the results that have been generated in the short period of time since the program's inception with our company."

"The Referral Builder Program's personal training was fantastic and extremely beneficial. I have taken lots of sales courses, but the Referral Builder Program was not about selling, it was about getting warm, qualified referrals. No other course has ever provided this kind of opportunity.

IdeaBridge’s individually focused one on one training and coaching has helped my managers grow their skills sets quickly and prepare them for the next level."

"Of the four new relationships obtained year to date, two are the direct result of referral based marketing. These two relationships will generate $2 million in new net income this year."

"I have obtained nine qualified referrals in the three months that I have been using the Referral Resume. I am certain that I would not have received these referrals had I not used the Referral Builder Program’s Referral Resume."

"The Referral Builder Program helped to increase our referral source calling activity by 315% in the first six months following the kickoff workshop. These are real, tangible numbers that we have tracked."

"28 new business opportunities were generated from 60 new referral source calls. For comparison purposes, we had only generated 38 referral source calls in the prior 12 months."

"I received sound ideas that I have implemented to get more referrals – sharing my prospect list with my inner-circle, reviewing A/R & A/P agings for referrals and asking clients for introductions. These are definitely good ideas that work!"

"The program offers a clear focus on a systematic, measurable system rather than just vague ideas."

"A systematic approach to building referral sources and obtaining leads from those sources. I like how it can be customized to your own personal style."

"I really learned how customers can be a great sources of referrals, and how to ask them for introductions."

"Closer relationships = more referrals = more business = bigger bonuses! I'm sold!"

"The program has energized my marketing efforts and I am now more successful."

"I like the program's focus on identifying and nurturing my highest potential referral sources. This provides a high return on my limited referral building time."

"The program's focus on classifying referral sources by "value" was a very good idea. I got lots of good ideas that I began to implement soon after the very first workshop."

"I liked how the program focused on developing just a handful of top referral sources (inner-circle advocates) and learning the best ways to leverage our existing relationships with them and with our clients."

"Forced ranking of referral sources into the actual value they provided was an enlightening and valuable process."

"Forcing me to spend the necessary time to work on the project made me focus on what the Bank and I do well and how to sell and position our services. This helps in selling our capabilities to referral sources, clients and prospects."

"I liked the idea of gathering a lot more detailed information on my inner-circle referral sources. Your inner-circle backgrounder template is invaluable."

"The program provided me with the tools to put together a well organized, disciplined referral strategy and ideas how to implement it. I believe doing the work will be time well spent and will be more productive than direct prospecting alone."

"I have generated new incremental business directly from The Referral Builder Program."

"I am now generating more warm, qualified referrals."

"The program has helped my team be more efficient and effective in our business development efforts."

"The program was helpful to me in crafting a referral-building mindset to focus on a systematic approach with my referral sources. Submission to my referral sources of your Referral Resume and asking the same of them is a great idea, and it works!"

"The program will assist me in getting more business for the Bank."

"I really needed to improve this area of my performance at the firm. This additional referral building focus has been very valuable to me."

"I should be able to advance my relationship with my referral sources, resulting in more new, incremental business for my team."

"I will increase the number of warm referrals which should result in increased closed business for the firm."

"This program will further cement your existing relationships with clients, add to your prospect list and lead to new business."

"The program really made one look at their current referral sources and determine whether or not they are truly valuable referral sources, or just old friends or golfing buddies."

"The program has made me more productive at generating new referrals."

"The program is all about maximizing time and increasing referral opportunities."

"Most Valuable - The concept of giving something other than a referral to a referral source every time you make contact with them was very enlightening."

"The program generated a valuable "open discussion" of tactics by our people. This was very valuable for them to determine how we are different and unique in the marketplace."

"Referral sources have been worked by myself in the past but not nearly as successfully as I'm able to now. My goal is that I will be able to generate at least 25% of my new business through my 6 new referral sources."

"The kickoff workshop was fantastic. I liked the binder and the real-life examples you presented. I've already used the forms, tools, templates and the various ideas."

"The program's focus on concentrating our time on the inner-circle advocates, the A's, was very enlightening and valuable."

"The structure of the program is solid and I really like that it is a proven system that will work every time as long as we execute."

"I recommend IdeaBridge to all of my clients who want tangible and measurable results."

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