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World’s Best Practices:
We invested nearly a decade researching the techniques of the world’s most successful client development rainmakers. What we found is that there are certain immutable laws that govern the success of all client development and referral building activities. We assembled our findings into the world’s most comprehensive and effective system for consistently developing warm, qualified business referrals. Our system is taught in The Referral Builder Program. We are the world leaders in this space and due to our unique position, we are constantly updating our materials to include new ideas and techniques that are brought to our attention by our program participants.

Customized Program for each participant:
The program is extremely flexible with a framework that’s designed to be modified around the unique skills, interests, personal style and available time of each participant. This level of personalization instills a new sense of confidence because participants see that they’ve built a plan based on what has worked for them in the past, and then, they’ve layered proven ideas from the world’s leading Referral Rainmakers. These are the strategies and techniques that others are currently using to generate tens of millions of dollars in new business annually. Ultimately, referrals are generated by design, not by chance. This program’s customization process may be time-consuming on our part, but we’ve found that new business referral results are dramatically improved when a participant designs their referral building program around their personal comfort zone, their interests, available time and experience.

Accountability for execution and results:
Since each participant customizes the program around their needs and interests, they are uniquely engaged in the process and the outcome. It is much more effective for us to hold people accountable to a program that they have personally designed rather than forcing them into a rigid program that they never embraced. Our coaches work with each participant to hold them accountable to execute their individual referral building plans. Results are monitored through our proprietary, online Referral Compass. The Compass is updated monthly where all referral building activities and results are recorded.

High leverage, high "Return on Time":
The Referral Builder Program was specifically designed to generate quick results for time-strapped professionals who are uncomfortable with cold calling and often too busy for consistent prospecting. At the core of our work is our commitment to guide each participant in the selection of activities that have proven to work for them, and to eliminate other routine activities that have failed to produce referrals. Ultimately, each participant will develop a plan of activities that consist of the highest leverage, highest return on their time. No two plans are ever alike, because each plan is based on the individual skills, interests, personality, comfort level, available time and experience of the participant. More productive referral source meetings will result from using the program’s proven referral building methodology. Participants will learn to be more direct, how to strengthen rapport and build loyalty, all of which will lead to more productive referral meetings, in less time.

Ongoing follow-up:
We do the follow up. Our coaches hold participants accountable to quickly build momentum and generate referral results. We accept the responsibility to ensure that participants in the program stay on track and continue to produce new business well into the future. We are committed to a participant’s success and make ourselves available indefinitely for periodic updates and tune-ups.
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